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LYC D'Sk1n ( DSkin )

D’SK1N is a creamy and tangy mixed fruit yoghurt powder enhanced with Belight™ renowned illuminating botanical blend from France essentially topped with Holimel® Melon Fruit Concentrate and wheat grain extract to uplift your well-being from within.

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An oral beauty supplement D’SK1N contains:
1) Belight
*A combination of French Grape Seed Extract, Licorice Root Extract, French Grape Pomace Extract, and Vitamin C.
*Regulate melanin synthesis and reduce dark spots.
*Backed by 1 proprietary clinical study.
2) Holimel
*Encapsulated Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) from French variety of Cantaloupe Melon.
*Skin antioxidant protection and increased skin resistance to UV.
*Backed by 1 proprietary clinical study.
3) Wheat Grain Extract 
*Rich in phytoceramides.
*Superior moisturizing and restore skin protecting barrier
*Backed by 5 proprietary clinical studies.


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