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Flex-Join is a delicious wholesome protein-rich drink formulated with organic grade soybean powder. Added with 5g of bovine collagen peptides from Germany, Nutrifood® Pumpkin and renowned devil's claw extract from France to support your overall wellness and keep you doing what you like.



Bovine Collagen Peptides, Devil's Claw Extract, Nutrifood Pumpkin
Net Weight:
25g x 20 sachets
Key Features:
- Improve Joint Health & Mobility
- Reduce Joint Pain & Inflammation
- Benefits For Skin, Hair & Nail 
- Support Overall Well-Being
Serving Suggestion:
Take  1 sachet per day. Mix with 150ml of water, stir & mix until dissolved.
Suitable for:
- Adults (> 18 years)
- Individuals active in sport/ with joint health concerns
Not suitable for:
- Children
- Pregnant & Lactating Mother
- Vegetarian


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